Welcome to OCHR Career Finders 

OCHR Career Finders is a fast and efficient way to inform County Agencies and Departments of your interest in expanding your skills and experience through the transfer process.

If you answer "yes" to all of the following questions:

  1. Are you a regular or limited term County employee?
  2. Would you like to laterally transfer, reduce or reassign to another position in the County?
  3. Did you receive a "meet or exceeds expectations" on you last performance review?

....and meet the following:

Eligibility Requirements:

* To be eligible for a transfer, you will need to have completed new or promotional probation in your current job class. You also have the option of being considered for reassignment/reduction to another class in the same or lower salary range provided you meet minimum requirements for the class.

....then you are eligible to transfer!

OCHR invites you to log on and let County Recruiters know of your interest. OCHR Career Finders is easy to use. But before you start, we invite you to become familiar with all class titles and codes. Click here to go to the County's Classification website.

Career Path Tips

Before submitting your transfer application, click here for Career Path Tips to read more about choosing your career path.

Career Path Tips offers an outline of information important to you in planning for your career goals.

In the majority of circumstances to receive ongoing consideration in the classes you select, you must apply every six months.